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What our satisfied customers told about us

Within over 20 years in business we had the honor to deliver hundreds of projects and solutions to our customers. We are glad that our services bring joy and benefit and our customers are satisfied with us.

Iva Jelínková,  Speciální škola Poděbrady

We have been working with 24U from the beginning, because it was the people who trusted us, who had a dialogue with us from the beginning, and we were helping each other. At 24U, I really like that they are extremely flexible, they are not afraid of any idea, however they are insane, and they are not afraid of going into everything with us.

Iva Jelínková, Speciální škola Poděbrady

We have always been satisfied with 24U's services. They are professionals with very good knowledge in their field. In addition, it was fun with their programmers and no problem was serious. 24U services brought us an increase in work productivity through the availability of information in a unified system, the elimination of duplicate administrative work, easier setup of work processes and procedures.

Vladislav Ptašnik, CompoTech Plus
Vladislav Ptašnik,  CompoTech Plus
Jiří Šimák,  Synelogis s.r.o.

24U offers us a wide range of services that we need. I like the fact that we are partners in that cooperation. 24U can always meet our needs, which are sometimes very demanding. I had an idea and within 2 months we could start making business. They really listen and work with us to have and maintain a clever solution. Now we continue with new developments and I know, that it will work well.

Jiří Šimák, Synelogis s.r.o.

"... we are more than satisfied with 24U services. The cooperation through your interface and over the phone works great. All the projects we have worked on so far have helped to increase the efficiency of our work. Sincerely Jana"

Jana Vidmanová, JennPro
Jana Vidmanová,  JennPro