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Adiutor - Manufacturing Planning

Compo Tech PLUS develops unique carbon composite parts with outstanding mechanical parameters. With the help of 24U they were able to turn their production planning process from a weekly updated big planning board to a custom app named Adiutor that can update the plan as needed and everyone has access to it from their workplace.

Efficient planning of unique composite manufacturing production was made possible with the FileMaker Platform.

Compo Tech started with simple products such as pipes. Over time they have moved from this product to more complex structures. At the beginning they did a lot of prototypes and custom manufacturing which have transitioned to larger production, and number of different kinds of orders have increased. So they decided to organize their system of planning their production. They started with a bunch of excel tables. Then Rory Carter came with the FileMaker platform.

Initially they used the database only for creating and printing small notes, then they sticked them on a big planning board. This simple information system helped them to deal with all orders, requests and sales activities.

Seeking External Help

When complexity of the system reached the point where it was no longer possible to keep it updated by in-house developers, Compo Tech turned to 24U for an external advice and development help.

24U’s first step was to audit the existing system and conduct a detailed system analysis. Its purpose was to unveil all possible weaknesses and propose the development path to make the system more efficient, reliable, and scalable, and even further streamline and automate Compo Tech’s processes to let the company grow its business without being limited by constraints of their system.

Giving the App a Name

As part of the analysis 24U suggested that Compo Tech gives their system some name. They thought about it, and realized that it was a good idea because user build relationships with the product through its name. And a good name can create a good relationship. Especially when they can use the name easily and naturally in an informal communication. They came up with the name Adiutor.

As an added value, 24U brought in the team development principles. The company was able to effectively combine the experience of 24U’s developers with the in-house developer’s knowledge of the Compo Tech’s manufacturing and business processes.

“Before we started to use Adiutor we forgot about few projects because we dealt with other important issues at the same time. With Adiutor we can manage all our projects and we have everything under control.” (Ondrej Uher, Research & Development Director, Compo Tech PLUS spol. s r. o.)

iPad as a Dust Resistant Terminal

One of the specifics of working with carbon fibres is the fact that during the production occurs a dust which is conductive, and not suitable for an electrical equipment. Thanks to FileMaker GO 24U could develop interface for iPad as well. iPad is resistant to the dusty work environment, and can be used without problem.

Back to Work

Finally, when the design of their new information system Adiutor was created, 24U implemented it into practice. Now Compo Tech still uses their renewed system based on the FileMaker Platform to manage all its projects. They have everything under control, and it is understandable. In addition, their employees really appreciate the user friendly graphic design, and everyone knows what to do.

“We were really excited about our cooperation with 24U company The biggest contribution I see is a professionals’ view from outside. They helped us to properly direct our information system built on FileMaker, and to make it open in the future. I recommend services of 24U to every company which is looking for flexible solution or to every company which prefers flexible solution upon the exact preset solution.” (Vladislav Ptašnik, Production Manager, Compo Tech PLUS, spol. s r. o.)

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