Dartin spol. s r.o.

Dartin Ltd is a well-established distributor of medical devices with an emphasis on neonatal and adult intensive care, resuscitation and patient transport. In these market areas the company holds a leading position. 24U developed a complex solution - "Dartis" - comprising inventory management, suppliers and customers, order management with all accompanying documents, and robust installed base monitoring in line with legislation for tracking of medical devices.

Ruud van Donselaar, Sales Department

"We were pleased with the inventivity of 24U developers in response to some of our very specific needs. Our complete all-in-one solution allows us to quickly manage and view our data in all of its relationships. With people at various locations, remote access is vital for us and has proven highly useful."

Liberecká IS, a. s.

Liberecka IS a.s. is a trendy, dynamic company providing comprehensive list of IT services in both nonprofit and commercial spheres. 24U is the company's long term supplier of both hardware and turnkey solutions.

Mgr. Jiří Pilný, Manager of the Development Department

“24U can quickly identify with the client and create a bespoke solution according to his needs.”

Useful Companies

Useful Companies is a group of companies providing services for high end Hollywood film productions. We have partnered with Useful Companies to help them developing their IT systems to be able to simultaneously support more film productions at the same time while still providing an excellent customer service.

Justin Owen

“24U has helped us to completely redefine some film production processes. During our long-term collaboration together, we introduced new, previously unconceivable, processes, such as an automated management of crew members' access rights on the basis of their contract status. Therefore, the production’s information security has dramatically increased, while saving human labour at the same time.”

Handicap Center Srdce

Handicap Center Srdce is a non-governmental non-profit organization empowering its handicapped clients to live an independent, fullfilling lives. They are using iOS devices for several purposes: communication, augmentative and alternative communication and also to create “Easyread” materials for their clientele. 24U has been a long term supplier of both hardware and support.

Mgr. Michal Šmíd, Director of organization

"24U has a long experience providing services to educational institutions and another non-profits and as such is able to devise a custom hw + sw solution for a wide range of our clients disabilities. We value their always instant support. We have started using Apple devices in 2011. Since than we have managed – thanks to 24U support - to achieve significant savings both in field and in our outpatient (day care) centers.”

International School of Prague

The International School of Prague is the oldest and most respected independent school in the Czech Republic with accreditation by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. 24U provides supply of information technologies, professional technical consultations for them and help with the development of database solutions.

John Mikton, Director of Information Technolog

"The International School of Prague and 24U.cz have had an extremely positive collaboration in supplying IT and supporting our FileMaker Pro databases. We have used them to provide training, audits, troubleshooting, and consultancy for development of our databases. The professionalism, and outstanding customer service they provide is excellent. They provide creative solutions in a short timeline, and at the same time always very supportive both via phone and face to face."